How to build a Website with a course registration tool?

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Developing a small business website

Mario is a self-employed Yoga teacher in Berlin. He asked for a professional website to communicate course information and manage registrations.

The core of the website is a course plan. This plan provides an overview of current and future courses. User can register with two clicks. Mario is able to feed the plans with latest information by a few clicks at his personal dashboard.

A modern cookie management system is another highlight of the website. In 2019 the new EU ePrivacy law applies with rigorous cookie regulations. Thus, each visitor needs to chose which types of cookies are allowed. Each user is able to adjust the settings at any time.

In a nutshell

Technology stack

The website is based is set up on the WordPress boilerplate Bedrock from roots.io. The Plugins are managed via the WordPress Packagist by Composer.

Bower package management smoothly integratesBootstrap 4 , FontAwesome 4.7, and Match-Height a jQuery responsive equal heights plugin by liabru.

Course registrations work with structured E-Mail forms. Those mails are sent by the open-source Contact Form 7 plugin. Thereby each form has its own response structure. This way, Mario receives all necessary information from the the course applicant.


Mario Lehmann, Yoga and MBSR instrcutor