My Journey

A lifelong learning adventure.

About (me)

I appreciate delivering software that solves business problems. The process from discovering the core of a complex problem to developing technical solutions that work is simply great. It is about collaborating with motivated peers, leading vivid discussions, learning along the way, and the feeling of creating something useful that keeps me motivated day in, day out.

Next to my professional career, I enjoy life in the country side. I live in a sparsely populated region called Prignitz, right in the middle between Hamburg and Berlin. I am a little obsessed with keeping myself healthy and persistent. Therefore, I leverage a gluten-free diet and regular sportive activities. Cycling is something I particularly enjoy.


I believe that hard work pays off. This is why you need to be dedicated and enjoy what you do. Otherwise, there is no way you can come up with the consistency and attention to detail required to achieve outstanding results.


I've almost 10 years of experience in the IT industry, mainly as Product Manager but also as a Web Developer. I've spiced up my academic education (Master in Business Administration and Innovation Management) with coding skills (PHP, JavaScript, Docker) in self-study and delivering consultancy and software products to small businesses.

As part of different product teams I'd worked in the E-Commerce industry delivering fraud detection software to payment providers like Klarna and BillPay. In addition, I've worked on a SAAS product targeted to insurance adjuster. This way, I help to steadily optimize business processes for major enterprises like ERGO, AXA, R&V to just name a few.