Data privacy

I am an ambassador of privacy rights and welcome that the European Union introduces extensive privacy regulations. Herewith I assure that as long as you do not active disclose your private data (e.g. by sending e-mail) you are surfing my website anonymously.


This website uses non personal related cookies solely for technical and security reason. Cookies are tiny text files stored on your device. However, cookies are not evil by default. The cookies I use do not process any personal data. Below, you will see all cookies currently used on this website along with their details like name, storage time, and task.

Name Value Details
XSRF-Token random hash key Stored for 24 hours due to security reason. This cookie prevents against CSRF attacks.
random hash key jc_session Stored for 24 hours due to technical reason. If applicable it stores encrypted user information e.g. language preferences or access rights to restricted pages.


My server collects log files from each user session for auditing and security purposes. Those information are provided by your web browser and usually include technical data such as type and version of your browser, operating system, referer URL, time of request as well as personal data such as your IP address.

Before logging I anonymize your IP address by replacing the last three digits with an 'X'. This process makes the log files solely of technical nature without any possibility (at least to my knowledge) to trace the data back to a person.

Getting in touch

I welcome you to get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to work with me. This way I do collect personal data from you like your email address and any other personal data that you may reveal within the process of our communication.

I view those communication requests as steps prior entering into a contract (Art. 6, GDPR, paragraph 1,b). If you get in touch with me, I assume you accept this view. I will delete your personal data as soon as our contract ends or as soon as I realize that we are not going to enter into a contract.

Your rights

I welcome that the GDPR provides the data subject, meaning you, the right to access your processed data at any time. Further you have the right to restrict the processing of your data among other. If you want to demand any of your rights, please get in touch with me and I do my best to match your expectations. Visit the imprint for my contact data.