Custom WordPress Template for Corporate Website

A WordPress powered corporate website build with a custom template and designed with vanilla CSS.

First steps into modern web development


I had the possibility to build a corporate client. Without much references in this domain, Nils Andriessen, CEO of the startup Paramair assigned me with the job to build a corporate website for Paramair. 


The requirements were straig forward: 

  • Product pages with comprehensive product information, data sheets, image gallery
  • Contact form feature to get in touch for each product 
  • Various static sites with content about the company, portfolio, values and mission, legal information


With some hints and technial guidance by Manuel, I set up a professional WordPress project with Composer and NPM based on the Bedrock boilerplate by Local, staging and production environments and a solid deployment process powered with GitLab CI. I developed a custom WordPress theme based on the starter theme Sage, also from Because I wanted to deeply understand Frontend design, I decided against the use of Bootstrap and instead wrote tons of (unmaintanable) CSS code. 


The Paramair GmbH got a solid website that met their business requirements and is until these days up and running.