Modern Landing Page App

A landing page build fo a reseller with the objective to generate leads from various marketing efforts.

B2B leads for CO2 devices


In Summer 2020 shortly after the COVID-19 breakout, the PARMAIR GmbH, a reseller specialised in measurement devices wanted to actively promote their CO2 device portolio. German city administrations had been detected as target audience and actively marketed through Google and newspaper ads as well as mailings. As a response channel Nils Andriessen asked me to develop a landing page that systematically collect leads from the campaigns with whom they can follow up in 1:1 sessions. 


We identified the following major tasks:

  • provide a wirframe to agree on a broad communication concept
  • use a lively, appealing and modern design
  • develop a backend that processes the incoming requests directly as email to responsile stuff at PARAMAIR
  • protect forms against spam 
  • leverage a deployment process to quickly push content updates to production


In order to meet the requirements I used the following technologies:

  • I set up the landing page on a Laravel backend
  • Build the design upon a TailwindUI design template
  • For spam protection I used a honeypot solution developed by Spatie 
  • I set up a basic GitHub Actions pipeline to push updates to productions 


The landing page collected well over 100 leads. In the end the demand was higher than the delivery capacities.